Unrecognisable? Who ARE these people?

Hiding behind elaborate make-up or simply face foliage, here are five of the world’s most famous actors (M/F). Tea and home-made cake for the first to identify them…


15 thoughts on “Unrecognisable? Who ARE these people?

    1. OK -who is GD, cos it isn’t the correct answer (but a GOOD answer, all the same!)

      The only GD I can think of is Gavin Dudeney 😛

  1. Good morning, Ken! I loooove tea and cake so here goes:
    1st: I am not sure (John Malkovich?)
    2nd: Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan
    3rd: Hmmmm……
    4th: Bruce Willis
    5th: Johnny Depp
    Do I at least win the tea? Ha ha! Another interesting blogpost coming on!

    1. You did so well, Vicky, that a cup of tea is waiting for you in West London. Everyone is having trouble with number 3…

      1. Yay! Never been to London (Shock! Horror! English teacher has never been to London! I really want to though) so whenever I come I will drop by! Ha ha! Thank you very much! (But who is number 3….still thinking…)

  2. Ok I’m going for a bit of a way out guess with number three. I think it looks like Mark Bolan????

    Great post 😀 Provided lots of fun for me anyways hehe


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