Guest post 10 – Orsi Nagy from Hungary on downloadable vocabulary stuff for kids…

My guest-blogger today is Orsolya (Orsi) Nagy from Hungary. I can’t remember how or why I stumbled upon her chirpy little blog, but I was very taken with the title and raison d’être. The title is WE PREPARE, WE TEACH, WE HOPE and below that is written: This is a place where I can let my stream of consciousness flow. About teaching. About teaching English as a foreign language. if you’re interested, hop in the truck!

I wondered what ‘stream of consciousness’ was in Hungarian, and Orsi told me it’s tudatfolyam. So now you know.

Orsi’s guest posting is about downloadable material she found when she wanted to teach clothing vocabulary to very young learners.

Orsi Nagy

I started teaching 4-5 years ago when I was at university. At first I was a private tutor, then I worked for several language schools during my university years. I had two majors, English Language Teaching & Hungarian Literature and Linguistics. When I graduated I decided to leave the language school I had been working for, and got a job in a secondary grammar school. I’ve always been very interested in technology, and I like trying crazy and techie things, such as online lessons via MSN, writing a blog together with my students, or having a ning site. And probably a lot more 🙂


Okay, so this post is going to be a a wee bit like Lindsay Clandfield’s Six Things, although I have no idea how many I’m going to end up with 🙂

Even though it’s almost Christmas, I had to teach the wee ones (fifth graders) some items of clothing. They probably would have enjoyed some carol singing more, but I wanted to get this over with before we go completely crazy and Christmassy 🙂

So here are my top favourite websites with DOWNLOADABLE & PRINTABLE material, all about clothing!

eslflow is a very nice-looking site – maybe I’m childish but I prefer warm and bright colours and playful fonts 🙂 with tons of links. These concern vocabulary (describing people, housing, environment, etc) and some other things like icebreakers, debates, grammar.

eslprintables is a tricky site but it’s totally worth the trouble! So here you don’t exactly get the goodies for free, but you also have to contribute with some of your own handouts.

First you have to register (with this unfortunately you have to download an eslprintables toolbar, but I got rid of it in seconds, so no big deal…you just have to uninstall it) and upload some handouts done by you. If somebody else downloads them, you get points for which you can also download other teachers’ stuff.

You probably need to visit this site long before you need something because you have to wait for your points 🙂 But some of the uploaded handouts are just gorgeous! You can preview them before you download.

teachchildrenesl is a site with loads of flashcards. Maybe that’s why I like it so so much 🙂 With the little ones, you definitely want to use a lot of these things. In my experience they enjoy the pictures, the colours, the games we play with flashcards. But be careful, they can go seriously mad 🙂

freeeslflashcards is another flashcard site with dozens of topics including clothing and holidays as well.

esltower doesn’t have too many printables about a topic (maybe 2-3) but those are very nicely done. Check their grammar and pronunciation sections too!

eslkidsworld is designed for teachers of young learners. They have very usable and free handouts, my only problem is that sometimes the level required for completing the tasks is far too high for such young kids…

anglomaniacy is a site with both online and printable material For kids only! 🙂

So, that was my list of favourite websites with printables, I hope you can make use of it! 🙂

Next time I promise, I’ll go Christmassy! 😛

Orsi blogs at

This is the last of the ten guest-bloggers who agreed to write material for this series. I just want to send a huge THANK-YOU to all of them for giving me their time, their ideas and their enthusiasm, and for providing such a varied, entertaining and informative set of posts. I really appreciate it.


4 thoughts on “Guest post 10 – Orsi Nagy from Hungary on downloadable vocabulary stuff for kids…

  1. Hi Orsi and nice to meet you online!
    Thank you very much for all the websites, I will definitely use them as some of my students are Young Learners. I will go and have a detailed look at them right away! Thank you very much!

  2. Hi Orsi,
    what a nice post, I really enjoyed reading about these websites. I’ve just visited your blog and would like to add it to my blogroll if you don’t mind. Are you on twitter too?

    Ken, thank you very much for such a wonderful opportunity to guest blog along with these amazing bloggers. I’m really honoured to be one of the unsung ones 🙂
    PS. Just a reminder: a home-made cake waiting for you and your guest bloggers in Zagreb 🙂

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