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That 'It's Monday morning and I've got eight contact teaching hours' feeling...

Teachers from the Antalya workshops can download a word document of the activities we did via box.net, which you can access if you scroll down the right hand column of this blog.

I have included many of the images that I used and I have added detailed notes about how the drama activities  work, which I have copied from my book Drama and Improvisation. I hope they’re useful. 🙂 A big thank you to any of the participants who are visiting this blog for the first time.

Here’s the stand-out image of the Antalya training session – Mrs Wilson on a chair using her sock-puppets:

Dede's only five foot two (1 metre.57) so she occasionally leaps on a chair to emphasise a point...


Comments on: "Antalya notes available on box.net" (7)

  1. Hi Ken,

    Wish I was in Antalya now, it’s the best time of the year..and I choose a) (hopefully):)

  2. Ken Wilson said:

    (a) ıt ıs!

  3. Woy done it! What an absolutely fantastic result! Fingers crossed they can make that one, final hurdle….

    • Ken Wilson said:

      Thanks, Darren… actually, win or lose in Hamburg, and this has just been such a fairy-tale season. And the atmosphere at the Fulham-Hamburg game was like nothing I have ever experienced.

  4. It was fantastic from beginning to the end.
    it was professional in approach and utterly fun in practice 🙂

    Hope to see you again.

    • Ken Wilson said:

      Thanks, Faruk!

      are you talking about the Antalya training workshops or the Fulham performance against Hamburg? 🙂

  5. Antalya 😉

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