2011 images and some New Year’s Resolutions

Schmoozing the audience in Istanbul, 2009

Like many of my peers at the more mature end of the ELT spectrum, I’m scheduled to give talks and presentations in various places in 2011.

Below are photographic clues about some of the places I’m going to visit. Can you work them out? The usual prize (dinner chez nous) for the first three people to get them all right.


In January, I'll be where two rivers meet - one of them is the Danube...



... and then a holiday. Two nights at this hotel, before heading to a casa particular...



February (and April): As Sarah Palin might say - 'From my hotel, I can see Asia!'



March: US President Nixon once described this structure as 'great'



April: The Mysterious East ... of Sussex...



July: The biggest Japanese city... outside Japan...



August: Certainly the biggest Camera I've ever seen...

And finally …

Some New Year’s Resolutions

1            Stop ranting, start fighting. It feels as if there’s a war going on out there, but breaking windows isn’t going to change anything. In the modern world, opposition to misguided social policies has to be organised. Join up with like-minded people and try to effect change.

2         Eat green (as opposed to ‘eat greens’). In other words, stop eating foods that for one reason or another are bad for the planet. Beef and dairy products, for example. The methane produced by cattle is 33 times more damaging to the atmosphere and the ozone layer than carbon dioxide. Also stop eating foods that are flown half way across the world to be on your plate. Spread the word about things like this.

3         See more live theatre. London theatre prices are astronomical, but you can get cut-price tickets if you really want to – and the National Theatre has fantastic rates for some matinee performances.

4         Leave for the gym at 4.30pm instead of 5pm. That way I spend less time in front of the computer, and I get home by 7pm in time to see Channel 4 News, fronted by the incomparable Jon Snow. Let’s face it, he ain’t gonna be on the show forever, so we have to take advantage of the chance to see a master news-teller at work.

5         Skype or pick up the phone and talk to people you normally only connect with by email, twitter or Facebook. Or even go out and meet them. Face2face is never a bad idea.

Now you get the picture about my plans for how to live better in 2011, please suggest more resolutions that you think I should add to the list.

Let’s all keep trying.

“But Ken, you’re always very trying…”


15 thoughts on “2011 images and some New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Great resolutions Ken – good luck keeping them. I have to work on mine…Definitelly have to educate myself a bit more on tech tools;) And do more conferences:)
    Ok, and now let me try and guess the places you’re going to visit:)
    1 – Belgrade
    2 – Cuba?
    3 – Istanbul
    4 – somewhere in China:)
    5 – Brighton
    6 – Brazil
    7 – Oxford

  2. May – Paris
    June – Paris
    September – Virginia??? 😉
    October – Paris
    November – Paris for TESOL France then Croatia for IATEFL BESIG – hey why not?)
    December – Paris

    Hey, a president can dream, can’t she?

    1. Well, BC – you aren’t far wrong – you know that as a result of TESOL Paris, Mrs Wilson decided she wants to LIVE in Paris, so your prediction may come true!

  3. Hi Ken,
    Following Beth’s dreams-
    spring- Poland
    September – Poland!!! 🙂

    It goes really well with your resolution number 5! 🙂
    You could also add to the list travelling with your cat! 🙂

    Have an amazing 2011 abundant with fabulous sunny days!

    Ania 🙂

    1. Hi Ania – the ideal travel plans being revealed in these answers.

      IATEFL Poland is one of the truly great conferences, and I will do all in my power to get there in 2011.

      And best of luck with your new year’s resolution – hope to see you presenting your first workshop somewhere.

  4. Hi Ken!
    Will you trust me if I tell you that I know all the answers?
    I’m very happy that your first stop is going to be Belgrade, and that we’ll meet there!
    Number 4 I’ve visited a couple of years ago, and feel envious that you’re going there again!
    Number 6 I’ve never been to, but hope that I will one day since I love everything about the country!
    Happy New Year!
    Let’s all keep trying!

    1. Branka,

      I trust you when you say you know all the answers. I’ve decided there are three winners – and they are all invited to have a dinner cooked by Dede whenever they’re passing by.

      See you in a couple of weeks.

  5. I’d like to add some points to your list:
    1. Keep smiling – nobody likes unhappy people
    2. Do some things you’ve never done before – life is too short to repeat what you have already done
    3. Start looking after yourself even more than you used to – our body and mind are the biggest treasures we own (can’t be taken for granted!)
    The list could be much bigger, but then, writing more, I’d make you read more, which also means I’d keep you more in front of your PC instead of making you put in practice all the 3 points I’ve just added here 🙂
    All the best for 2011!!!

    1. Agata,

      those are three really important additions, and ones that you put into practice, at least according to the Facebook photos of you smiling and abseiling 😛

      And thanks again for getting the ball rolling with that excellent guest blog you wrote, the first one I published.

      Hope to see you at a conference somewhere soon.

      1. Writing for you was my pleasure. I really like the idea of being the first one. As for the conference – I also hope so. Your workshops are really energising 🙂

  6. Wow. There’s little to no chance of me getting them all right so I won’t embarrass myself with a guess. But let me say that I aspire to be able to do the travels you have to speak to great educators. Happy new year!

    1. Well, you don’t need to guess. You can just scroll up because Ania got them all right. 😛

      I wish everyone in education had the opportunities that I have to meet teachers all over the world, but I also wish I could do something about the carbon footprint it leave me with.

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