I’ve had a makeover…

I’m just playing around with a new blog appearance. If you’re a regular visitor, please let me know if you like it. If you don’t, I’ll revert back to the original.


31 thoughts on “I’ve had a makeover…

  1. Hi Ken!

    Yeah – I like it. I like the top right-hand corner where all the info boxes are and also the column with your previous posts. It’s nice – yeah! (I liked the one before too,but this one is easier to navigate.)

    As they say in Greece when you get something new – meh yeah (may you enjoy it in health!) : )))

    Meh yeah then,

  2. Hello Hello 🙂

    I got used to the original appearance but I do find the new layout really neat, clear, fresh and it looks well organised! 🙂

    Ania 🙂

  3. Looks good, Ken. I was a fairly regular visitor to your “old” site, though I can’t for the life of me remember what it used to look like! I just enjoyed the reading, full-stop.

    I think this “new” site could do with a bit of colour at the top, a nice photo, I don’t know. It’s just a wee too serious-looking for my liking. But rest assured I will always admire your posts no matter what shape they are in 🙂

  4. …and it’s me again!
    As I mentioned fresh spring green is really nice and fresh but where is “Archive” or older posts and something like “Home”?
    Hmm, maybe I should take a closer look ??? 🙂


    1. Hi Vladka,

      I have the same problem – I’m still playing around with it and I lost internet connection for a while. I’ll keep playing with the widgets. 😛

    1. Thanks, Tyson – although I may have changed the ‘predominant colour’ since you last saw it.

      I never realised Canadians spelt ‘colour’ with a ‘u’ in it!

  5. Oh yes – playing around with designs is fascinating (It can take me hours) 🙂 I like the new one, too – especially the colours.

    1. Oh dear… I liked the red, too – but it was a bit intense… so going for a hint of blue … until tomorrow morning..

    1. Thanks, Janet.

      Having slept on it, as it were, I’m getting used to it. May have to dump the pic of the shed, unfortunately.

  6. Loved it Ken 🙂 You should definitely go on with the makeover. I also like the colors… soothing, they don’t fight for attention with the content.

    I’m just not sure I like the horizontal picture overlapping yours – maybe an excess of visual information? Maybe another picture (the horizontal one, yours is great) would make it different, but I’m not sure.

    Looking forward to seeing the end result of this!

    1. Thanks, CC – I’m not happy with the two pictures yet – but the space where the horizontal picture is isn’t very interesting if there’s no image.

      The image in fact is an external view of my shed on a winter’s day. But there isn’t enough space to make the reader realise that…

      Back to the drawing board.

  7. Yes, that’s more like it, Ken! Great photo of you (seriously). I notice you have a gap below “Ken’s publications”. How about, “Tours and visits 1953”?

  8. Ken, I LIKED it, fresh, new, calm layout that, as Cecilia pointed out before, keeps a reader focused on the content. I particularly like the picture of snow-covered tree branches and a window, reminds me of Christmas actually – creates cozy, homey feeling. =)
    Maybe move “Ken Wilson’s blog” a little to the right,so your name doesn’t appear on your personal photo, would look better on fair background.

    1. Thank you!

      I couldn’t move ‘Ken Wilson’s blog’ so I did the next best thing and cropped the portrait. 🙂

      The main reason why I changed was that I don’t like the default font that comes with the other design, which is called Garland, and is one of only two (of 117!) wordpress options that has three columns, which is why I chose it.

      However, I can live with two columns! 😛

  9. I also like the clean look of this, and the bigger header than before. I found the two pictures clashed a bit – the background image of you in pale colours and the stronger image of the house seemed to jar a bit for me.

    But that’s maybe just me. The top buttons are an improvement I think.

    1. Thanks, Lindsay.

      I think I agree about the shed image.

      Will play around with it again this afternoon, after I’ve practised my ISTEK talk.

      After all my pontifications about practising a talk a dozen times, I find it’s Monday and I haven’t done it once yet.

      Plus Dede and I are staying at Anya’s flat in East Dulwich, hoping that our lost cat might come back, so I don’t have the shed to practise. Dede is doing some writing in the kitchen, so when I’ve finished here, I’m going into the garden to declaim the talk to the trees (and to the teenager next door who watches movies all night and sleeps all day).

      See you in Istanbul!

    1. Thank you, Adam. I refer the honourable gentleman to my previous answer.

      Actually, the pic is me in my role as literary editor in the student re-make of the Ian McEwan film ‘Enduring Love’.

    1. Thanks, Jeff!

      and really good to know that you dropped by. Seems a million years since San Francisco, eh? 😛

  10. Looks good – you don’t need both pics as everyone’s already said. Preference is for the banner at the top – it shows you as you are. The rest of it, the colours look good and menu bar helpful.


  11. Hello,
    what a pleasant surprise! I must say I do like the new look. Mind you, with so much interesting stuff I`ll keep coming back to this blog no matter what it looks like.

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