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Normal service….

Hello to anyone passing by this normally more active blog!

I haven’t been very productive recently in terms of blogs, or indeed in terms of anything relating to writing – and as I make a living as a writer, this is something I have to put right, and sooner rather than later.

I have two current ELT writing projects – and another one on the back burner – and I’m trying to meet a deadline on one of them before I head off to Prince Edward Island, Canada on 10th August.

Once I’m ensconced on the north shore of the island, blogs will come pouring out. 

In the meantime, here’s a photo taken during one of my conference visits earlier this year. Can anyone identify the location? And when you’ve done that, how many ELT international conference-hoppers (ie people NOT from the country where the picture was taken) can you identify?

The usual prize of dinner when you’re passing through London to the most original answers! 😛

Where is it? And who are all the people?


Comments on: "Normal service…." (20)

  1. Hey Ken-

    Hope your return home has been smooth. I know what you mean about not getting the time to do what you love. Look forward to the prolific blog entries.

    ISTEK… i recognize Petra, you Ken, the roving reporter Mark, Ezra, Gavin D, Jan the Keynote speaker, Looks like Elizabeth from Grenoble, I think I see @abfromz too. There’s Jamie Keddie in the background, and on the right are Luke, Nicky, and Burcu… and behind them Nik Peachey ? I think I’ve left a few for others to guess.

    Looking 4wrd to dinner ! 😉

    • Well done, Brad – but you broke the rules! Not supposed to mention people from the country where the photo was taken. 😛 Having said that, I’m not sure I can see Ezra.

      But your spy-work is so admirable that dinner is on the table, whenever you can make it.

  2. NICE… and, for what it’s worth, i was always that excited student that skimm’d past the rules (both in class and life) ! Likewise, anytime you make it to Paris I’ll whip up some eggrolls and other asian delights. Isn’t that Ezra in the foreground on the right…

    • Ken Wilson said:

      Ah – the rules thing – something else we have in common (at least in terms of exams)

      Not Ezra – not Turkish, in fact. But a near neighbour (of the Turks, not of ours).

  3. Hi, Ken!

    This has become a very precious photograph of valued members of my PLN at Top Kapi. At a ‘quick’ glance I could make out 20 ELT international conference hoppers + @kenwilsonlondon. Guess you’ll move the goalposts and introduce ‘new’ rules….I was at ISTEK, unfortunately not part of the harem!

    Till next time!

    • Ken Wilson said:

      No rule change, Julie – if you can name two people in that picture that Brad didn’t spot, you win dinner! 😛

  4. What a generous gentleman you are! Two you said, will try to stick to instructions for a change! Shirley Rodrigues and Maureen McGarvey are amongst the other delightful people who turned up for ISTEK 2011.

    • Ken Wilson said:

      You nailed it in one. And to put Brad out of his brain-wracking misery, the woman he thinks is Ezra is actually Anna Varna, from Greece.

  5. And Anna Varna will be presenting at TESOL France!

  6. Well, Ken, my guess is that they are all educators in a conference In Turkey! 🙂

    • Ken Wilson said:

      Not bad, Carla – you win dinner if you can match five of Brad’s names to actual people – you have to write descriptions to match the names. 😛

  7. The mystery hand to the right of the picture is Ahmet, the tour guide.

  8. Ken Wilson said:

    Wow, Adam – that alone deserves a prize 😛

    But our tour guide was a woman – isn’t Ahmet a man’s name? Ahmet Ertegun, the record company boss? Ahmet Zappa, son of Frank? Did we have two guides?

  9. Here goes!

    I see Willy Cardoso, right at the very back looking up, I recognise him from his grey jacket. And the woman behind you in the picture Ken, in the long black coat, is Dede.

    Am I right?

    • Ken Wilson said:

      that’s worth dinner – and an extra point (or pint?) for getting two people who were looking up when the picture was taken 🙂

  10. I was there. Do I have to answer or am I entitled to a dinner invitation anyways 🙂

    • Ken Wilson said:

      You get dinner if someone else sees your partially-hidden face in the photo. Anyone want to help Marisa get fed??

  11. Think I’ve spotted Marisa’s face, hidden behind Mark Andrew’s camera?…

    along with hmy own face, hidden behind a well-known ELT author 😉


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