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It must be a nice feeling to win something, but I wouldn’t know…

When I wrote my last blog, I had just received one of those notifications that basically said You’ve been nominated for this really exciting ELT blog award, which is actually a cover for some commercial venture – aren’t you excited?

Well, yes, I WAS excited the first time I received a nomination for one of these awards a couple of years ago. At that time, I immediately went to the site and checked out the blogs who had also been nomimated in the same category. I visited some of them for the first time. I thought some of them were great.

So the pro-blog award people are right, the system DOES mean that we get to visit blogs we might not have heard about before.

Some of the nominated bloggers were people I already followed on twitter. What happened next was that a number of them started pitching for votes on that very same social media site.

I realised that if I didn’t do the same, I would be left behind. And like anyone, I don’t like to be left behind!

So I wrote a tweet advertising the blog awards and writing a typically English self-deprecating appeal for votes for me. All in 140 characters. A model of efficient self-advertising.

I read the tweet, realised that I didn’t actually WANT to self-promote in this way, and deleted it. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t win the award. Also unsurprisingly, the winner was someone who had relentlessly and repeatedly self-promoted on twitter.

When I got nominated this time, I wrote about my misgivings about the whole idea, here, on twitter and on Facebook.

In the subsequent conversations that took place, there were a number of pro-award comments. How are people supposed to find out about blogs if their attention isn’t drawn to them in this way? The very point I made above, and one that has to be answered.

I suggested we should all promote blogs we had found that were worth a visit. Not a new idea, lots of people have already done this, but a nice bottom-up system to promote good writing, good thinking and good people.

So this is what I’m going to do in my next blog post, with a slight twist.

A lot of teacher-presenters from Turkey have been making their mark at ELT conferences in the past couple of years. Some of them have been pushing the boundaries of the use of technology in the classroom. All of them have been engaging presenters and fun people to meet on the circuit. A lot of them are bloggers. Most of them are quite young (well, from where I’m standing they’re ALL young!) and they are all very enthusiastic about their work.

I asked a few of them to write something about themselves, and to advertise their blogs, too.

So this is my way of advertising a new set of blogs that you might want to read.

The Young Turks are coming to a computer near you. Very soon!

Four of the Turkish bloggers who will feature in my next post


Comments on: "Coming soon – Young Turks in ELT blogworld…" (2)

  1. Hi Ken,
    Thank you for including me in the ‘young’ bloggers lists. I’m at least ten years older than the oldest of these young ladies in the picture 🙂


  2. Hi Ken,
    I think you’ve had a great idea 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading what these young bloggers have to say ! And teacher bloggers who are probably not native speakers … So we are probaly going to get some new, fresh ideas.

    Well done for taking this initiative ..

    I know what you feel about people/schools canvassing for ‘the best blog/school/agency/etc. …………’ Sometimes they are, but many times, I’m not always sure what sets them apart.

    Saying that, if I could win ANY award for my site, I would be delighted. I surely deserve to win an award for ‘determination’ 🙂

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