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There has been an underlying feeling throughout the campaign to save our West London hospitals that some Conservative local councillors are actually in favour of the suggested changes, which involve the complete closure of Charing Cross Hospital.

The feeling has been that a lot of people have a vested interest in the possible re-development of the Charing Cross Hospital site, if the hospital were to close. The hospital is located on a very valuable piece of West London real estate.

Fulham FC players wearing campaign T-shirts

I am therefore very pleased to copy part of the following newsletter, which was distributed by the three Conservative local councillors who represent the Fulham Reach ward, the area closest to the hospital.

As you will see, they not only believe the hospital should stay open, but they reveal the hidden agenda of the healthcare trust which is responsible for the plan, one which involves selling off the real estate to reduce their debts.

I think this is worth reading, not just for people most directly affected here in London, but also for anyone in the UK where there is a threat to their local NHS provision.

It can sometimes feel that nothing can be done to change government or local healthcare trust decisions. Our campaign in West London has shown that people power can make a difference.

Here are details of the councillors’ newsletter.


Charing Cross has been a constant target of NHS managers and Imperial College Healthcare Trust, who have a history of financial problems and stand to gain several hundred million pounds by selling much of the hospital site. The Shaping a Healthier Future consultation puts Charing Cross under threat again.

In NHS North West London’s preferred option

•   Charing Cross Hospitals’ A&E department would close, as would the hyper-acute stroke   unit, intensive care, all surgery and all major functions
•   Only the Urgent Health Care Centre and some local functions would stay at Charing Cross
•   It is likely that the entire site would be rebuilt, with three-quarters of the land sold off and developed as blocks of flats

This is not being driven by budget cuts: the NHS budget is going up both locally and nationally. Nor is this anything to do with the government: the plans have been drawn up by local GPs and managers from the local NHS Trusts. The whole process has been hi-jacked by Imperial’s anti-Charing Cross agenda.

Charing Cross is currently a world-class teaching hospital that undertakes advanced medical research. There is no sensible reason for it to be downgraded to a minor local hospital and stripped of all its key services.

What can you do to help save Charing Cross?

1     Sign the Council’s petition – www.gopetition.com/petitions/save-charing-cross.html

2    Respond to the NHS consultation – www.healthiernorthwestlondon.nhs.uk

3   Ask your GPs why they are supporting the closure

The closing date of the consultation is 8th October 2012, so you only have a few days left to make your voice heard.

My wife Dede campaigning outside Craven Cottage stadium before Saturday’s game between Fulham and Manchester City


Comments on: "Great news! Conservatives support the hospital campaign!" (1)

  1. Evandro Gueiros said:

    A touching initiative Ken – Here you have a Brazilian who was once blessed with the extremely good services of the Charing Cross Hospital after an acute kidney stone crisis several years ago. I will be doing my part by informing our local media of the threat. Thank you for sharing it.

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