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I realise that a lot of visitors to this blog (a) don’t live in the UK (b) come here for insights about English teaching and c) have no idea what is important about the UK National Health Service (NHS). There will be others who think I’m being a bit NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) in my persistent reporting of the attempts to close hospitals in West London.

My apologies for having devoted the last few blog posts to the campaign – I’m just doing my best to raise awareness of the situation, and it’s not just a local problem. The NHS has been under pressure from governments of both sides for the past 30 years. 

So, for the last time, some information about the campaign. Then normal service will be resumed.


Saturday 6th October, protest march from Shepherd’s Bush Green to Charing Cross Hospital. 

The consultation process ends on 8th October so this is the LAST CHANCE to demonstrate against the closure of the A&E departments at two hospitals in West London and the reduction of services at many more. 

These closures would leave an area with a population BIGGER THAN THE CITY OF SHEFFIELD with no accident and emergency provision. 

There were 10,000 people on the march in Ealing last month. We aim to get even more people on this one. Please alert anyone you know in the North West London quadrant. 

The dismantling of the NHS is a national problem. Check out what your local Health Care trusts are planning. If they plan to close a hospital near you, fight it. It’s the only way to save the NHS.


Comments on: "Save the hospitals – Protest march 6th October" (1)

  1. Maybe I am a NIMBY, but I totally support the protest, because it can inspire people in other countries too, maybe even here in my country.

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