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Steve Frost, Richard Vranch and Lee Simpson doing Experts onstage at the Comedy Store. I'm afraid I don't know the name of the woman in the middle. Can anyone help?

I blogged earlier about my first visit to the Comedy Store in Central London in the early 1990s, which was also my first opportunity to see the Comedy Store Players in action.

Even though I was gob-smacked by the inventiveness of the CSP on stage, I thought it might be possible to adapt some of their activities to the ELT classroom, so I tentatively started using them in the drama workshops and classroom demonstrations that I did in the 1990s.

By using them so much, albeit in the slightly artificial conditions of a demonstration lesson, I managed to work out which elements of the activities worked and which needed adapting. Although I think almost all of their game formats can be used, the following are the ones that work best for me.

1     Superhero, household object and location

In the CSP version, five of the performers tell a story, directed…

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