Books I wrote…

Since I first became a published author of English Language Teaching materials fifty years ago in 1971, I have contributed in all to more than thirty ELT publications. There are images of some of them below.

I’ve had many writing partners during these fifty years, some of whom weren’t even born when I was first published. I wouldn’t have been able to publish so much material without the help of the following co-workers: Alice Savage, Ana Acevedo, Carol Lethaby, my wife Dede, Deirdre Howard-Williams, Geraldine Sweeney, Hazel Imbert, James Taylor, Jane Revell, Jeremy Harmer, Judy Garton-Sprenger, Leanne Gray, Marta Rosinska, Mary Tomalin, Mary Underwood, Pat Lane, Printha Ellis, Simon Greenall, Terry Tomscha, and, last but by no means least, Thomas Healy.

I also want to acknowledge the wonderful work done by generations of editors and other production people, dating back to the first people who had to put up with me, back in 1971, when we produced Mister Monday, the first-ever album of English teaching songs.

Plus all the people out on the road who worked their socks off to present the material to teachers.

Thank you all.

American English course, published by Oxford University Press, now in its fourth edition, with two completely new levels.
I am editor-in-chief of this primary course for Vietnam, a co-production
between Macmillan Hong Kong and VEPH Publishers, Hanoi
Achievers and High Achievers are published by Richmond Santillana
My book of drama activities, published by OUP, now sadly out of print.
This course was originally published by Marshall Cavendish, then bought by Cengage. I don’t know where it is now!
Almost unknown outside China, New Standard English is a series of books from kindergarten to college and has sold more than a BILLION books!
Lovely book published by Brookemead.
Prospects was a Macmillan course for high school students, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe. We wrote the Super Advanced level mainly for the brilliant students in Romania.
A series of books written mainly with the late Printha Ellis, a wonderful writing partner.
The highest level of Move Ahead.
Written just for Polish Matura students.
Another wonderful Brookmead publication.
I wrote this material to accompany a Channel 4 soap opera, loosely based on the US sitcom Friends.
I wrote the radio component of this ground-breaking BBC multi-media course in the 1970s.
My first ELT publication, a collection of language teaching songs, published by Longman in 1971.
The second album we recorded for Longman, in 1974.

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