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Talks and visits 2013


15th – British Council, London – Ten quotes talk

A really nice talk, with a really lively audience. A video of the talk will be available on  the British Council website eventually.

With Maria Fuller, Ela Wassell, Sue Lyon-Jones, Rakesh Bhanot, Phil Bird, Mike Harrison and Mike's grandma.

With Maria Fuller, Ela Wassell, Sue Lyon-Jones, Rakesh Bhanot, Phil Bird, Mike Harrison and Mike’s grandma.


4th-8th – Bolzano, Italy – teacher training

A really good four days training teachers. Made me realise that I don’t do enough of this kind of thing.

23rd – Istanbul, Turkey  – Cevre conference

As usual, the Cevre conference was well-organised and the audience was really good.


9th – Izmir, Turkey – ITK conference

I love visiting Izmir and the teachers were great, as usual. This time, I had to race off so I could attend the Bilgi Student Conference in Istanbul the next day.

10th – Istanbul, Student conference, Bilgi University

What a beautiful campus! Really nice conference in a really interesting building.

Interesting theme – Outliers in ELT

15th-16th – TESOL Arabia, Dubai

My first visit to the UAE and I really enjoyed presenting at TESOL. It was also good to be able to stay on and do some extra presentations for smaller groups.

Doing the workshops in Fujairah, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi gave me a much better idea of the working conditions of regular teachers. I was especially impressed by the imaginative women teachers that I met.  

18th/19th/20th – workshops in Fujairah, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi workshop


8th-12th – IATEFL UK, Liverpool, UK

Really enjoyed this IATEFL. In addition to doing my Listening workshop, I also hosted the Failure Fest. Here, looking apprehensive, are ‘volunteers’ Rakesh Bhanot, Willie Cardoso, Jeremy Harmer, Herbert Puchta, Andy Cowle, Valeria Franca and Chia Suan Chong. Bethany Cagnol also took part. 

With Failure Fest 'volunteers' Rakesh Bhanot, Willie Cardoso, Jeremy Harmer, Herbert Puchta, Andy Cowle, Valeria Franca and Chia Suan Chong

23rd-27th – training workshops, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Really interesting visit to Rostov-on-Don and Novocherkassk for a series of conferences.

27th-28th – ISTEK conference, Istanbul, Turkey

The best ISTEK conference yet (and they’ve all been good). Highlight the talk given by Sugata Mitra, the hole-in-the-wall computer guy.

With Sugata Mitra on a boat on the Bosphorus after the ISTEK conference


8th/15th/22nd – Drama workshops, International House, London

I had wanted to do some real teaching at International House this year, but I didn’t have enough consecutive weeks when I could do that. Instead I did some training workshops for the teachers, including about 20 Korean teachers who were doing a course there.

With Korean teachers at International House


23-30th  Cuba

A somewhat unexpected invitation to do three conferences for teachers in Havana. Not the easiest place to be a teacher, but I encountered lots of enthusiasm while I was there.

Cuban teachers doing one of my group activities


8th – ELT Forum, Bratislava, Slovakia – talk and workshop

It was great to be back in Slovakia after a nearly ten-year absence. As usual, I was bowled over by the enthusiastic response. Great to hook up with Chuck Sandy again.

With Chuck

21st – European Commission, Brussels

Dede and I were invited to do a language development workshop for people who work at the EC. A bold and imaginative initiative by our friend Anna Varna – we wish her luck with future events. 


1st-5th – Summer school, Kopaonik, Serbia

My third summer school for the English Book – by far the best of the three venues. Great to work with Ozge Karaoglu and Tim Bowen.

With Tim Bowen and Ozge Karaoglu

23rd – Oxford University Summer School, Exeter College, Oxford UK

Another inspiring bunch of teachers at Exeter College. I think Adrian Underhill has to take great credit for the team spirit he creates among the very diverse group of people who attend this course.


6th-7th – Malta ELT conference, Valetta, Malta

Malta, and Valetta in particular, was  an unexpected delight. Malta is of course a thriving ELT destination for students from all over the world, so the teachers at the conference were teaching Brazilians, Chinese etc in their normal classes.

23rd-26th, Lima, Trujillo, Peru – Smart Choice presentations 

27th-28th Idiomas Catolica-SBS T Development conference, Lima


5th  Guayaquil, Ecuador

6th  Quito

12th/13th Conference, Prevesa, Greece


1st-3rd – workshops in Yerevan, Armenia

16th/17th – 2-day workshop, Tehran, Iran

Extraordinary 2-day event organised by the Hermes Language School chain; I did two 3-hour presentations in the morning, and Hermes teachers did mini 10-minute presentations in the afternoon.

Regional JALT events, Japan

30th Fukuoka, 


1st – Hiroshima

3rd – Nagoya

4th – Osaka

7th – Okayama

8th – Tottori


Comments on: "Talks and visits 2013" (23)

  1. ritatetereva said:

    Hi, Ken! Thank you for your inspiring talks on teaching English! II would love to see you live and listen to you in Russia but haven’t found my country in the list yet! (((

    • As you can see, Rita, Russia is now on the list! 🙂

      • rita-rita said:

        Good news! That is really great! We have a great increase of interest to E lang learning here! Welcome!

    • shefa said:

      hi! ken
      i was searching for the presentation that you gv in Istanbul 2 daz ago , but couldn’t find it.
      Can u plz tell me the way to get to it.
      I was one of the audience in ur workshop in istanbul.

  2. Hey Ken!!! You are such a lively person. I wish you could come to Mexico. Learning from you is amazing. Greetings 🙂

  3. Your talk Ten ways was inspirational and made attending the TESOL Arabia Conference worthwhile this year!

  4. I do believe now that some people can make difference in other’s beliefs as you did in Ten ways in TESOL Arabia. I liked it so much and I’m planning to attend again..Thank you.

  5. Hiyam Al-Jabri said:

    I agree with Patrick. Your session was the one that made me not regret going to that conference. you are a delightful person, and it was a pleasure meeting. Hope to see you in Oman next year.

  6. Hello Mr. Wilson! Thanks one more time for your great share at Çevre College in İstanbul. I couldn’t find your presentation M-Power. You’d told us how to find it here but I am unable to do so. I’d appreciate your help a lot if you could help me on this!
    Fulya Özpınar

  7. harun (from turkey) said:

    we are thankful for your wonderful session in iatefl…but ı cant find the ppp of it. can please help? and is it possible to find the video records of it? where …many thanks

  8. Mariya said:

    Hello Mr. Wilson! Russia is on the list, but Ukraine isn’t (( I’m sure lots of people would be happy to listen to you here.
    And I haven’t found the Powerpoint presentation for “Ten quotations to make you think”.

  9. I’m truly looking forward to the event in Tehran 🙂

  10. Ken, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I wish the best of life. Enjoy your day. Kisses from Brazil (I’m the one who loves Mr Monday). Gisele

  11. Veronika Terrones said:

    Hi There:

    Thank you very much for coming to Lima, make us feel as winners and inspire us! Enjoy Peru!
    Best regards,
    Verónika Terrones


    Hi Kevin.
    We were very pleased with your visit to Peru. Please don’t forget to upload some important ideas of your presentation 🙂 We learnt a lot from you!

  13. hi Ken. missed you after those nice 2 days you ave here in Iran. i have a problem that i couldnt download the ppt file of the ten ways for motivatin 😦 and now i cant find it!! what should i do? kiss your lovle grandchildren

    • Hello Aras,

      you should be able to find the ppt if you go to the box.net widget in the right hand column of the main page of this blog, scroll down, click on talk p….oints and then click on the relevant Iranian ppt. Just a note that you can’t access box.net here from your phone.

      Best wishes,


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