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Talks and visits 2014

I’ve done the following talks so far this year:


21st/22nd  Qatar University, Doha

This was my first visit to Qatar, and the assembled mix of Qatari and native-speaker university teachers were a really great audience. And Qatar University looks like a wonderful place to work.


1st   EC Conference, London 

My first talk to an audience of mainly native-speaker teachers working in a UK PLS for many many years. I’m aware of the fact that I focus my talks on the situation of the NNEST teacher working in a non-English-speaking environment, so I was really pleased with the positive response from the teachers at EC – which also looks like a good place to work.

6th   International House, Izmir – training day

My first visit to an International House school in Turkey. As an ex-IH teacher myself, I always like to mix with IH teachers in other countries. In fact, the audience of 200 teachers were from other schools too, and it was a very nice talk. All the talks this year have been nice!


1st  Cevre conference, Istanbul

Back in Turkey again, and my eighth or ninth visit to the Cevre conference in Istanbul. As usual, I had to do a brand-new talk – I tend to do new talks for the first time at this conference. My talk was called ‘Having Fun Is a Serious Business’ and was mainly a set of fun activities with (hopefully) some genuine pedagogical value.

7th/8th  English language teaching symposium, Amman Jordan

My first visit to Jordan and a good talk and good workshop, which I repeated as the rooms were quite small and too many people wanted to attend. 

22nd  MELTA conference, Munich

Another first – although I went to Munich dozens of times with the English Teaching Theatre in the 70s and 80s, and also did some training at nearby Dillingen, I’d never done a training session in Munich itself. The event was small enough to do a proper drama workshop and it went very well.


1st-5th IATEFL Harrogate – talk on GISIG day, Friday 4th

I had agreed to do a talk for the Global Issues SIG, so this was another completely new talk on how to use Global Issues in ELT (and if it was right to do it) and a little bit outside my comfort zone. Also, they kindly (!!) put me in the auditorium and filmed the talk, so pressure was on to get it right. If I get the chance to do it again, I will change it a bit but I think it’s a talk with a possible future.

26th – TEA conference, Vienna

A talk and a workshop at this small conference, and the participants were very enthusiastic at both. The plenary talk was in one of the most interesting-looking auditoriums I have ever worked in, a former medical school with terrible echo-y acoustics, but a really interesting seating arrangement. 

Coming up ….


7th-10th  British Council conference, Algiers


21st  English Teaching Professional conference, Brighton UK


11th IAFOR conference, Brighton UK


Comments on: "Talks and visits 2014" (10)

  1. Your lecture in Vienna was great !! thanks!!!

  2. fatia doran said:


  3. Thamer khelfaoui said:

    You did a great job in Algiers

  4. Catherine said:

    It was a great talk in Jordan about Quotes! Where is the link to download the powerpoint. I wish to share it with my school in the UAE.

    • Hi Catherine,

      I’m glad you liked the talk. You should be able to find it if you go to the box.net widget in the right hand column of this blog. Just a note, you can’t access the right hand column from a phone or tablet, only from a computer.

      Best wishes,


      • John Leistler said:

        I am also trying to access the talk and PP about the quotes–what do you mean the “box.net widget”? Sorry I having a hard time finding the link. Thanks for any help!

      • Hi John, it seems that many people are having trouble accessing the box.net section. Not sure why. I will report back as soon as I can!


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