The King of Boonland

Hugh Trethowan as the King of Boonland and Kieran Fogarty as the Buckingham Palace guard

The King of Boonland is one of my favourite sketches, partly because it’s one that I performed many times on stage, and I’m also the voice of the King in the audio. The Buckingham Palace guard is played by Steve Wallace, and the sergeant, who has a couple of lines at the beginning, is John Colclough.

Before you let your students listen to the audio, I recommend asking them to listen for the following information:

  1. Where is Boonland? Answer: In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean
  2. What is the population of Boonland? 14
  3. Where do the people live? In the capital, Boonland City, in the mountains and in the lake
  4. What is the currency of Boonland? The boono, and there are 100 boonitos in a boono
  5. How many boonos are there in a pound? Half a million
  6. What is the language of Boonland? Boonese
  7. According to the guard, what does the national song of Boonland sound like? An elephant with toothache

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