1. What would you do?


What would you do if you woke up one morning

And found that everybody knew your name?

If you were a famous movie star, would you be very different?

Or would you try to stay the same?

Would you stay the same or would you change?

And would you try to change the world?

When your friends were near, would you say hello?

Or would your old friends disappear?

What would you say if people looked up to you?

And they wanted you to tell them what to do?

Would you tell them if you didn’t know the answers?

Would you be brave enough to tell them ‘I don’t know’?

I don’t know

If you had a million dollars, would you give it all away?

Would you think about tomorrow or spend it all today?

If you were rich, do you think you’d be really happy?

What would you do if somebody told you

That you could have anything at all?

Would you think about the world and help other people?

Or would you build a house and live like a king behind its walls?

Words and music by Ken Wilson

Lead vocal: Gillian Bartlam

Piano: Nigel Stewart

Guitar: Kieran Fogarty

Saxophone:  David Fitzgerald

18 thoughts on “1. What would you do?

  1. Hi Ken, hi Dede,
    Absolutely love your song! What important messages conveyed in such simplicity. Genius!
    And more topical than ever in today’s world. Imagine if primary schools taught this, using your material throughout Britain and throughout the world. Starting with the most privileged public schools!!!
    Thanks for sharing your work with us all!

  2. This is beautiful.
    The only grammatical structures my students never forget are the ones they sing.
    Thank you so much for sharing. Is there any way we could get this audio file as a downloadable file?
    Thanks again,

    1. Ohhh, is it not downloadable? Can’t you just drag it onto your desktop? Maybe easier if you do it on a computer. I will ask for tech help.

  3. This is what it says:

    Downloading and Playing MP3 Files in WordPress

    To download the uploaded file, right click on the newly created link and choose Save As.

    To play the file, right click on the newly created link and choose Open in New Tab. The audio file should play automatically.

    1. Oh, I just tried that and it worked!! I’m just not so good with this techy stuff yet.
      Thanks a million!!

  4. Thank you very much, Ken. However, it will just save the link and not download the audio file which I’d like to play in a classroom without a wifi connection, so what I need is a downloadable mp3 file and not a link.

  5. Hey Ken. Thanks for a blast from the past. Lovely to hear this … nice 70s sound but still relevant words. There are so many second conditional songs out there that I’ve used but this would work really well too. Look forward to more!

  6. wow Ken – gorgeous song – mail me – be great to meet and see if there’s a possible working together connection???

    i would like to say I’m a friend of Gillians,,,,, but i haven’t managed to “stay the course” so far ( 5 years now – ha ha ha ) – but wow what an amazing 70s voice she has – with just a little daily exorcise she would be flawless, but her Mesmerising delivery no one
    could teach her – everyone should all hear so very much more of both of you –

    it would be great to connect – i am also in the music world ( small way ) but not in quite the talent you and Gillian are

    07754 243 783

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